Injection Moulds Making for plastic components

Injection mold construction is the process of creating molds that are used to perform injection molding operations, is used to produce plastic parts using a core and a cavity.
After having assessed the feasibility and performed the analysis, or the Moldflow simulation, with the cad-cam system, the construction of the mold is designed, which is carried out considering the technical function of the aesthetic and production piece. Expert and competent companies can supply high quality molds for different production sectors.

Materials for making moulds:

The most used material is 1.2311 steel, but they can also be: hardened steel or aluminum, equipped with mobile devices, with inserted plugs or multi-cavity unscrewing or hot runner, for every sector and need we have the right solution.

Mould design and making for many sectors such as:

  • Building - Wellness - Electronic - Automotive (OEM)
  • Pharmaceutic - Medical device components - Bricolage - Appliances
  • Furnishing components - Technical components for general engineering
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