Mold maker and injection molding of polymers and technopolymers

Experience and technological updating are the bases to satisfy every type of request with seriousness, reliability and competence, always in step with the sector evolutions, we supply products and components made of thermoplastic material.

The collaboration with many companies, we can offer a complete service that starts from the design of the pieces passes from the construction of the molds, injection molding of plastics with polymers and high-performance technopolymers, we use tools and methods that allow to obtain a high quality coefficient , our productions are completely made in Italy.

We propose to all companies that need thermoplastic parts, regardless of their needs or quality standards, offering organizational and production systems that can satisfy every type of request.

Instruments, methods and certifications:

  • Instruments: Analisi di Pareto - 5 Why - Ishikawa - 8D - Processo Cp e Cpk 1,33 - PDCA e TPM 
  • Methodos: Circoli qualta' - Kaizen - Six sigma e 5S
  • Design Software Solidworks
  • The quality control of thermoplastic productions can be performed by 3D optical scanning.
  • Certification Quality and Certification Environmental
Some sectors of our productions components:
  • Building ~ Wellness ~ Electronic ~ Automotive (OEM)
  • Pharmaceutic ~ Medical device components ~ Bricolage
  • Furnishing components ~ Technical components for general engineering
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