Injection Molding Plastic, High performance Polymers and Bioplastic

Plastic injection molding with high performance polymers or biopolymers has many variations: size, weight of the piece or molded, quality of materials or total quality, small or large productions, aesthetic requirements or mechanical strength, whatever your requirement may be we can have the right solution and guide you on the most suitable supplier to make your thermoplastic items.

Injection Moulding Process

Injection molding is a production process that has its origins in die casting, the thermoplastic material in granules, is melted, in a chamber at high temperatures of around 180 to 280 and subsequently injected at high pressure inside a closed mold. , given the solidification time of the product, calculated in seconds, the mold is opened and the product extracted manually or automatically.
The organization of the productions are controlled and managed by the Pull Kanban and just-in-time systems and is supported by internal maintenance systems that allow you to eliminate and avoid downtime, caused by unforeseen events and respect the scheduled and agreed delivery times. The SMED system with very short set-up times allows you to be quick and competitive in order to satisfy customers who need small productions.

Plastics material: High performance plastic and biopolymers

The composite plastic materials used to make the components by injection molding are certified; they can be colored, loaded with fiberglass or enriched with other additives to improve performance according to individual usage needs. Much attention is paid to environmental protection and production with Biopolymers is growing.
Here are some examples of plastics, polymers, technopolymers and biopolymers used in injection moulding:
  • PLA acido polilattico - PC policarbonato - PS polistirene / polistirolo - PP polipropilene - PE polietilene PEHD e PELD
  • PPS solfuro di polifenilene / poliparafenilensolfuro - PA Poliammide (Nylon) 6 o 66 e varianti - POM Resina Acetalica
  • ABS Copolimero - PPO Polifenilenossido - PEEK Polieterchetone - IXSEF Poliammide - PMMA Metacrilato
  • EPDM Elastomero - PTFE Teflon / Politetrafluoroetilene - PSU Polisolfone - PC/ABS Tecnopolimero

Post-molding services and processes:

Completion, finishing, assembly and testing services which combined with an integrated logistics allow the customer to receive the finished product and ready to be placed on the market:
  • Logistics - Tampon printing - Painting
  • Packaging and assembly - Check and functional tests
  • Ultrasonic Welding - Hot Plate Welding
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