We are a partner for company who needs a custom parts of plastic or metal.
4Steps-Service supply fully service and logistics services subsequent to working to raw materials transformation.
Through collaborations with customers and suppliers, we offer a complete service.

Precision CNC machining, CNC turning and CNC milling

4Steps-Service Supply precision CNC machining custom parts how: Milling, Turning, Drilling for every single production requirement.

Laser Cutting: Stainless Steel, Carbon steel and Aluminium

4Steps-Service Supply laser cutting services, in stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium. We offer possibile finishing operation as bending and calendering in addition to other aesthetic treatments such as galvanizing, glazing, polishing and varnishing.

Mould and Plastic Injection Moulding

4Steps-Service offers consulting and design in the thermoplastic parts productions with polymers and technopolymers high performance.
We offers a complete service that starts from study and design of the products to construction of molds and relative molding of plastic materials. We also supply the following production processes and services such as: assembly, ultrasound welding, logistics, etc. ... we can satisfy and customize every specific requirements.